bathroom no.1

An addition to a 1701 farm house. Originally the space housed either a bakery or a furnace for pottery. Walls and ceilings were covered in black grime. After excavating the floor to make room for isolation, new underflooring etc, restoration of walls was the next step. I used adobe to patch up the desolated surfaces then tried to deal with the soot coming back through. I finally used shellac and managed to restrain most of it. I then applied a fine adobe-plaster and water proofed it with lime-white cement paint. Stone walls were cleaned and left as such, the parts in brick were painted red.
The 'furnishing' is as simple as it gets. one sink, one toilet bowl, an open shower. The on wall piping functions as a towel rack and also turns into the shower. The bathroom is equipped with an electrical underfloor heating system.
Natural materials were used whenever possible (mainly products from Claytec and Kreidezeit), the floor is isolated by a layer of recycled puffed-up glass.
Additions to the old structure were made only where necessary - floor, hvac, adobe walls - the rest left in it's current 300 years old condition - stone walls, ceiling, door.

project on architizer

overhead view is pretty intriguing: the software deducted the room's geometry from the images alone!