bathroom remodeling photo log

The original bathroom dated back to 1963. It had been constructed at a time when building materials were rare in East-Germany (well, they always were). Interior walls had been made from shop windows; flooring several layers of vinyl flooring to cover up the old and shoddy floorboards; no tiles; rudimentary plumbing... We attempted to get the biggest bang for the buck. Despite the less than ideal preconditions no major reconstruction was planned. Everything was supposed to be simple and straightforward. The budget did not exceed 1500 Euros.

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before  orig. 1963

day ONE  empty

day TWO  surprise(s)

day THREE  fixed walls painted ceiling

day FOUR  new underflooring

day FIVE  dry wall (kit)

day SIX  plumbing, elec, dry wall

day SEVEN  stuccoed walls

day EIGHT  end of major hostilities



still finished